Build Your FlipBooKit

Build Your FlipBooKit

Congratulations on your new Craft FlipBooKit!

If reading a page of pictured instructions isn’t your bag, here’s a very human demo from master-craft-instructor and FlipBooker extraordinaire, Barb Noren, that you might enjoy. (She shows how to make the Black and Legacy-Craft versions, then shows how to make a cool staged animation)
Barb gives great tips to anyone who is supervising kids building FlipBooKits.

If you want to just get it done NOW, keep reading… Building FlipBooKits is quick and easy!

Start by unpacking your Craft FlipBooKit and looking through the parts. Here’s a list of what you will find:

  • FlipBooKit Box – folded box Spindle Assembly: (Black plastic parts in a bag)
    • (1) Hex-Hole Disk
    • (1) Axle Disk
    • (2) “H” sections
    • (2) Plastic Bushings
    • (1) Crank Handle
    • (1) Plastic Flipper
  • Blank Flip Cards – 24 cards* (four die-cut plastic sheets)
  • Printable Labels – 5 letter-sized sheets* (one extra sheet – just in case)  *alternately, some kits may contain pre-printed cards

Congratulations on building your flipbookit! But wait – there’s more!

If you have blank cards, you can make your own animation by uploading your own movie.


Flipbookit Legacy Model: do you have rivet fasteners?

We are constantly working to improve the product, and have recently eliminated rivet fasteners. If you bought one of these models, these legacy guides will make building your flipbookit a snap!

• Link to the FlipBooKit intsructable – with step-by-step photos and Barb’s special teaching tips
• Intructors’ download of the Instructable super-detailed step-by-step PDF with many photos
• If you need a replacement, here’s the FlipBooKit 2-page instruction (PDF) comes with every FlipBooKit