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Flip Book FAQ

What is a FlipBooKit?

FlipBooKit is a DIY hand-cranked movie-loop machine that displays your own video or animated art. It’s a great maker project and it makes for a great Gift! It’s easy for any creative aged 8+ to make their own FlipBooKit!

What are the recommended ages for FlipBooKits?

FlipbooKit is a great DIY craft project for all creative souls from 7 years old and up.
The cube-box that houses a FlipBooKit just pops open and the plastic spindle snaps together fast.

A 7-year-old may have some difficulty at certain points in the build, so make sure there’s a crafty-handed supervisor ready to help out.

How much does a FlipBooKit cost?

The Original FlipBooKit costs $39.95. It includes a galloping horse animation and black leatherette finish.

FlipBooKit CRAFT costs $29.95. It includes a Blank Card Kit to make your own FlipBooKit Scene. Unfinished crepe-colored outer box can be painted and customized or left as-is.

Check out the rest of the FlipBooKit shop here.


Do you sell pre-built FlipBooKits?

We do sell pre-built motorized FlipBooKits, but not in our online store. These are made by special request only.
Our pricing is $150 for a motorized black original -that includes the card set of your choice.

We also have fully built Steampunkits (see below) but those are a bit pricier at $450 each. This would also come with your choice of cards.

One other option is to build this out yourself. We have a great tutorial online for motor kits here:

Contact us if you have any additional questions.

As a side note: we can ship the pre-built kit as a gift, but the cards come as a deck that the recipient has to load themselves.
We’ve tried sending them with cards already installed and they usually dislodged during shipping.

What's your refund policy?

Our policy for refunds is 15 days. Within that time we can cancel processing fees and taxes.

Do you have any video tutorials on how to make a FlipBooKit?

We sure do. Our online videos tutorials and instructables are especially helpful when learning how to assemble the boxes, create your own animation, or build the motor kits.

Here’s the link to the FlipBooKit video tutorials: http://www.instructables.com/member/FlipBooKit/

How can I make my own FlipBooKit with my video or gif?

It’s easy! Make sure you have a FlipBooKit and a Blank Card Kit.

Create or locate the video you will use. It should one that will loop well be in Landscape orientation.

Trim it to the segment that you want to use. We recommend 4-10 seconds of video. Video editing and trimming tools are on most phones or video viewers.

Drop your video into the FlipBooKit Maker Tool and it will generate your printable PDF FlipBooKit animation.

Using your own printer the label sheets from the Blank Card Kit, print the PDF template.

Apply the labels to the Blank Flip Cards as instructed and load ’em into your FlipBooKit.

CRANK and watch your own FlipBooKit movie action!


Are there any handy hints for making a great looping clip?

Shoot your video in landscape.

Remember that the sides of your video may be cropped off.

Bold gestures and high contrast usually works great in a FlipBooKit.

Avoid subtle movements in the vertical center that might get lost in the slight gap between the cards.


My animation isn't coming out the way I envisioned. Do you have any tips?

Sorry you aren’t getting the animation you were hoping for. Here’s some tips we send along to artists about making more effective content:

  • Simple is better! Not much can happen in 24 frames (2-3 seconds), so please keep the action simple.
  • A consistent loop works best, but isn’t mandatory.
  • These are split-flap displays, so remember that your page will be cut in half with a small gap in the middle.
    (For example: if you’re featuring a face – don’t put the eyes in the middle of the page – they’ll be lost! Small objects that sit in the fold might also be lost.)
  • Keep in mind that directional action works best.
    • A distinct action/element that the eye can follow – objects moving in & out of the borders of the frame
      (ie. man entering and exiting as in the leapfrog / horse running across the box, etc)

Another good way to see how it will look in the box before committing is the popup “preview” window in the Maker Tool. We built this specifically so that you can test how your animation will play before downloading the final print file.

If you need some ideas of what works GREAT in the box, please visit our Facebook or Instagram site. There’s lots of examples of other FlipBooKit creations.


How many frames are in a FlipBooKit?

There are 24 frames and depending on how fast you crank, that’s about 3-4 seconds of animation.

Each Flip Card is numbered in the upper right corner.

What are blank cards for?

If you’d like to create your own animation, you need to order a blank card kit. Here are a couple of videos that give overviews of how that part works.

If you are doing a custom animation, you may want to get a head start start working with our online maker-tool.
The “Maker tool” is our free online tool that will turn your video into a FlipBooKit animation. To use it, first select a video, then trim it to your favorite 3-4 second sequence that will loop well (trim the video with your own video tools) and then simply upload the video clip to the tool: http://flipbookit.com/builder/

After you’ve created the perfect animation, the tool will generate a printable PDF.
Print onto the FlipBooKit Labels and apply each of the 24 labels to the flip-cards. That process can be done in 20 minutes.

If you are handy with digital artistry, the maker tool can accommodate more advanced techniques like JPG animated frames as well.
Be sure to look around our flipbookit.com and our Facebook page for tips and ideas.

Can I draw on the cards?

It depends what you are drawing with.

The blank cards are plastic, so some artists would prime them with a gesso or use non-waterbased markers.
We have seen many videos of FlipBooKits that artists have drawn and painted on, but we don’t know what technique they’ve used.

Plain paper will not work directly in a FlipBooKit without the plastic flip cards, but the labels that are provided with the blank card kits can be applied to the flip cards and drawn on like any paper.

Many artists hand-draw their animation, then scan each frame to make a 24-frame JPEG sequence. If you do that, make sure that each frame measures exactly 400 pixels x 334 pixels and are named with numbers anameyoulike01.jpg, anameyoulike02.jpg, anameyoulike03.jpg… anameyoulike24.jpg

Then process the frames using our maker tool: www.flipbookit.com/builder

Hope this helps!

What are the cards made out of? Do they last?

The flip-cards are made of plastic and have been going strong since we sold the very first products.

In 2013, in some motorized displays that ran constantly at an unusually high speed, we had seen some of our originally issued cards wear out. The cards have been refined over the last 2 years and they now work amazingly well.

Can I resell FlipBooKits at my store?

Yes! Check out our reseller page.

Who are the creators of FlipBooKit? How can I contact them?

Mark Arnon Rosen

Mark is a kinetic artist living in Los Angeles, CA.  His background includes multimedia design, fabrication and electronics engineering. Mark creates gadgets, sculpts, art directs and collaborates on projects with his partner Marvel, as well as other artists and creative engineers.

Wendy Marvel

Wendy is a fine artist and commercial artist working for top names in the music industry.  Her artwork can be found in the private and permanent collections, as well as on the stages, web sites and tour books of some of the world’s most popular recording artists.

Steven Goldstein

Steve is a product designer, fabricator and inventor named on 13 patents.  In addition to his own product development, Goldstein spent a total of ten years as Director of Entertainment Technology at Disney Imagineering and Sony Retail Entertainment.

All three of the project creators showed off their mechanical and creative skills as contestants on “Unchained Reaction“, a 2012 Discovery Channel series produced by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame, which challenges teams to make amazing contraptions. (Steve in Episode 1 and Wendy and Mark in Episode 6).

Learn more about the creators of FlipBooKit here. Contact them here.


I saw a FlipBooKit in a gallery with a cool arcade button...are these for sale?

Those arcade buttons aren’t available in the store – yet! Maybe in the near future, but for now we only build those out for galley exhibits and special events.

But if you or a friend has a little electronics savvy, no need to wait for us! Here’s a plethora of buttons to buy online!

I don't live in the United States. Can I still buy a FlipBooKit?

Yes! We ship FlipBooKits to any country.

I live overseas...are there other stores I can order from?

We actually have a store in Austria you can purchase from…so this will save you lots of money on shipping and customs.

Here’s the link: http://flipbook.supersense.com/

There's a missing piece in my FlipBooKit. Can you send me the missing piece?

Yes, of course! Sorry for the missing piece – we have a fulfillment house pack our parts and this sometimes happens.
Please send us a note at customersupport@flipbookit.com, and let us know if you find anything else amiss.

Thanks for supporting our little company!

Do you offer discounts for schools or educational pricing?

We love helping out with educational projects. Contact us at customersupport@flipbookit.com, and we can discuss educational pricing.

Are your FlipBooKit hats for sale?

We really wanted to sell the hat this year, but they are handcrafted right now— and incredibly complex to make. They are also not the quality or consistency in performance we would like yet. But we’re working on it!

Are FlipBooKits waterproof?


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