12-Pack Exhibit Package


12-pack bulk-kit for groups and classes! Now you can order a dozen ORIGINAL FlipBooKits in bulk. This package is ideal for Artists, Student Projects, Wedding and Party planners, Advertisers, and anyone who wants to make an impressive FlipBooKit showcase. Everything you need to make 12 FlipBooKits is included.

A huge discount! ($121.40 savings over individual products)

Comes with Blank Card Packs and one extra set of blank cards for you creatives who need room for experimenting. Here’s what is included:

  • 12 BLACK Leatherette FlipBooKit boxes
  • 13 blank flip card sets (24 cards in each set)
  • 60 Printable Blank label sheets (with special adhesive)
  • 12 Spindles
  • 12 Hardware sets
  • Instruction sheet

Remember to expect blank cards only.

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