Teachers & Schools

Teachers & Schools

We love working with teachers and schools – and can usually offer education discounts.

Depending on the class size or project we’d suggest ordering the CRAFT Party Packs.

CRAFT Party-Pack

Each Party Pack comes with all the raw materials to build 12 FlipBooKits with Blank Cards/Labels for making their own animations.

These new kits now feature a pop-up box (no rivets!) And we’ve recently refined the kit to be faster and easier to build.

A local teacher here in Los Angeles taught her 3rd graders an animation workshop using FlipBooKits, and we posted some of those creations on our Facebook and Instagram. You can also find a recent posting of high schooler teacher who had a class in hand-drawn animation and used the FlipBooKits to showcase their creations.

We have a few online tutorials as videos and instructables. These are especially helpful when teaching students how to assemble the boxes, create their own animation, or build the motor kits.

Mark and I are inspired by all the amazing art and like to support our FlipBooKit community – so if you want to share your final creations, shoot us an email and we’ll try to post your build with our online followers.

Please contact us for more information or a request for discount.

We’re here to help!

We’ve also upgraded our online
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