Build your own miniature movie machine!

FlipBooKit is a DIY Movie Machine that easily displays your video or animated art in a hand-cranked flip book.

Make your own analog GIF player!

FlipBooKit is a DIY hand-cranked animation movie machine that displays your video,
gif or animated art in flip book style. Make images come to life for yourself or as a gift!

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In 2010, Artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen decided to combine their creativity and collaborate with “LED-less tech art.”

After working together on a few group projects and gallery shows, they decided to build a split-flap art peice that based on an old fashioned train station arrival/departure sign mechanism. The only vintage split-flap display that they could find was costly and far away – so Mark just built his own mechanism using old ink-jet printer parts.

The first flip book sold quickly at a charity show/auction and after Wendy and Mark saw people’s reaction to the piece, they knew they had to dive deep into the medium.

Mark refined the mechanism and Wendy explored animation ideas… The two created a series based on the photographic sequences by Edweard Muybridge. That series toured through the US and Europe in 2011. At a makerfaire in 2012, everybody kept asking about a “kit”.  The two artists recruited their friend (and inventor) Steve Goldstein and the DIY flip book Kit project launched its campaign on in late September 2012, coinciding with its debut at New York Maker Faire. Its wildly successful campaign became one of the most well-funded art projects in Kickstarter history, raising $137,000 in pledges from over 1,700 backers!

To date over 12,000 FlipBooKits have been delivered. Annual FlipBooKit art shows receive submissions from all over the world. The FlipBooKit team works to foster the growth of young artists and budding makers with community outreach to teachers, art schools, high schools, charities, summer camps, and maker­spaces, bringing tens of thousands of custom movie gifs and original ideas to life.

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